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Basic Info
Temperament Passive
Health N/A
Speed Unknown

Wurmi is a non-aggressive creature found on Atlas.


Like the Daperdilo, the Wurmi will not attack the player, even when provoked. Upon seeing a player or leech, the Wurmi will attempt to run away.


Males of the species have a single horn on their head, while females have two smaller ones.

The Wurmi possesses Bio-luminescence, giving it a bright green glow. This makes it very easy to spot at night.

TTK (Time To Kill)[]

Zip Gun- 1 shot

Pistol- 3 shots

Rusty Assault Rifle- Test Pending

Assault Rifle- Test Pending

Shotgun- 1 shot (assuming all pellets hit)

Chaingun- Test Pending



Male Renders
Wurmi Male.png
Female Renders
Wurmi Female.png
Wurmi In-game
2013-07-24 00007.jpg


  • Prior to v0.5.0 two Wurmi could be found as Easter Eggs on the Creative map, bringing the two together caused heart particles to be emitted by them.

List of Creatures
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