This page contains information on weapons in Starforge. This page is only for personal handheld weaponry; for turrets and slammers, see devices.

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Weapon Types Edit

Zip GunEdit


A first-person view of the Zip Gun. (Fastest graphics quality)

 The zip gun is a gun



A first-person view of the Pistol. (Fastest graphics quality)

The pistol is arguably the first real weapon the player gets to use in StarForge. It will kill Leeches in 9 or 10 hits, and headshots appear to deal more damage than to other parts of the Leech 's body. The pistol's real advantage over the zip gun is its clip size of 8 bullets, allowing the player to deal more damage than the zip gun per unit time by reducing the number of reloads.

The Pistol is forged using

  • 10 Iron Ingots,
  • 1 Wood, and
  • 1 Steel Ingot.

The Pistol uses Pistol-type ammunition. Go figure. It does not require a Forging Terminal to be created.

Rusty Assault RifleEdit


A first-person view of the Rusty Assault Rifle. (Fastest graphics quality)

As of patch 0.7.51, the Rusty Assault Rifle (RAR) blueprint was made part of the new player's starting kit, given to any player starting a new game. The RAR is a fully-automatic weapon very similar to the regular Assault Rifle, except that the RAR uses iron sights instead of a holographic sight, and that the RAR has a magazine capacity of 20 bullets instead of 30. The RAR is capable of killing a Leech with 7 to 8 bullets in the face, meaning it can take down two Leeches between reloads, allowing the player to take them down very quickly.

The Rusty Assault Rifle is forged using

  • 35 Steel Ingots, and
  • 1 Wood.

The Rusty Assault Rifle uses Combat-type ammunition, and requires a Forging Terminal to be created.

Assault RifleEdit


A first-person view of the Assault Rifle. (Fastest graphics quality)

The Assault Rifle is quite similar to what one would expect in Call of Duty or Battlefield. It has a magazine capacity of 30 rounds, and is equipped with a Holographic sight. Like its starter counterpart the Rusty Assault Rifle , it will kill a Leech in 7 or 8 shots. It is even better than the Rusty Assault Rifle in handling multiple Leeches, as an efficient shooter can take down 3 or even 4 leeches between reloads. Aesthetically, the Assault Rifle also boasts a higher rate of fire and different firing noise than the Rusty Assault Rifle.

The Assault Rifle is forged in the same way as the Rusty Assault Rifle, although it uses a different blueprint:

  • 35 Steel Ingots, and
  • 1 Wood .

The Assault Rifle uses Combat-type ammunition, and requires a Forging Terminal to be created.



A first-person view of the Shotgun. (Fastest graphics quality)

The Shotgun is the most efficient and deadly weapon currently available to players in StarForge. Capable of annihilating a Leech with two point-blank range blasts to the face, the shotgun will hold 8 bullets. The shotgun reloads accurately to real life and many first person shooters, as the player will reload the shells one bullet at a time until the shotgun is filled. The player can interrupt the reloading cycle by shooting, but there will be a delay of one or two seconds before the player fires. Considering the player can reload two shells per second, it is almost pointless to interrupt the loading cycle anyway.

The Shotgun is crafted using

  • 15 Iron Ingots, 
  • 1 Wood, and
  • 2 Steel Ingots.

The Shotgun uses Shotgun-type ammunition, and requires a Forging Terminal to be created.



A first-person view of the Chaingun. (Fastest graphics quality)

The Chaingun was recently updated from the Minigun in Patch 0.7.51, which resulted in a buff for the weapon. The Chaingun deals slightly less damage than the Assault Rifles - compared to them, it deals about 75% of their damage per bullet. However the Chaingun makes up for this shortcoming by sheer volume of fire: it has a higher rate of fire, and a vastly larger clip size of 100 bullets compared to the Assault Rifle's 30 bullets. The Chaingun will spin up in about 0.8 seconds. Naturally, due to its high rate of fire and reduced damage-per-bullet, it is late-game content, although if its blueprint is collected it can still be forged relatively early.

Prior to Patch 0.7.51 (including during 0.7.5 Patch #1 and Patch #2) the Chaingun had an older three-barreled visual model, a slower spin-up time, and a magazine capacity of 60 rounds versus its current capacity of 100 rounds.

The Chaingun can be forged with

  • 20 Voltronic Ore,
  • 80 Steel Ingots, and
  • 1 Wood.

The Chaingun uses Combat-type ammunition, and requires a Forging Terminal to be created.

Anticipated WeaponsEdit

There are hints existing in Creative Mode that point towards weapons which will definitely be added to the game in the near future. These hints exist in the ammunition types: each ammunition type will vaguely list the weapons that use that ammunition. In Creative Mode, the user can find Rocket Ammo, Sniper Ammo, and Utility Ammo, which hint at these weapons being added:

  • Rocket Launcher, using Rocket Ammo
  • Railgun, using Sniper Ammo
  • Medical Laser, using Utility Ammo


Ammunition is the second part of using a weapon in StarForge. Although a weapon is created with a full clip of ammunition inside it, the player will doubtlessly need more ammunition to refill the weapon with. Common ammunition is simple to craft, requiring 1 part each of oil, iron ore, and sulphur. Some, but not all, ammunition types require a Forging Terminal to be created. So far, each quantity of ammunition produced creates 10 actual bullets. Therefore, creating 10 pistol ammo will produce 100 pistol bullets.

Requirements to Craft Ammunition
Ammo Type Materials Required                     Forging Terminal Needed
Pistol 1 Oil, 1 Sulphur, 1 Iron Ore No
Combat 1 Oil, 1 Sulphur, 1 Iron Ore No
Shotgun 1 Oil, 1 Sulphur, 1 Iron Ore No
Rockets 1 Saltex Ore, 1 Steel Ingot Yes

1 Iron Ore, 1 Oil, 1 Saltex Ore, 1_Steel Ingot

Utility 1 Monolithium, 1 Antimatter Yes

Procedural WeaponsEdit

Procedural weapons were a part of StarForge up until Version 0.7.5; along with Fort Defense, they were removed from the normal game. However, unlike Fort Defense itself, they can still be created and used in Creative Mode (despite a lack of targets).

Procedural weapons are completely random weapons attached randomly to each other, facing in the same directions. They seem to be composed of miniguns, chainguns, assault rifles of both kinds, and chainsaws, to name a few weapons. They are not supported as are the regular weapons - they do not have reticles or sights. The higher the tier of a procedural weapon, the more weapons it will have in it.

However, one major feature of the procedural weapons is the ridiculous amount of recoil some of the tier 2 and most tier 3 procedural weapons have. The recoil of those weapons is actually enough to propel the player into the air, or boost the player along the ground when fired properly, and will override the player's attempts to move. With some practice, the player can use these procedural weapons, aptly nicknamed "minigun jetpacks" to fly or move at extreme speeds.