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Version 0.5 was a major patch it was released on December 14, 2013.

New Features[]

  • Procedural terrain fully integrated with all game modes
    • Tunnels will now be generated in the ground
  • Terrain digging!
    • Use the craftable Drill weapon
    • Changes are saved
  • Storage containers are replacing Pallets
    • Resources are stored in a finite stack in your inventory, once you reach your maximum capacity, you must store your resources into one of the storage containers.
  • Storage containers are not generated automatically. You must craft more if you want to store more.
    • Store whatever you want inside (by pressing the 'E' key)
    • Pick them up to move them around (by pressing the 'Q' key)
  • Chests will now spawn in the environment
    • Chests will contain either blueprints or weapons.
    • Blueprints unlock crafting for all types of items. Ex: Weapons, vehicles and tilesets.
  • The player can now craft a bed that allows them to skip to day time
  • Player is able to place material on the ground using the drill
    • Use ctrl + mouse wheel to select what material to use.
  • Enemies have a chance to spawn inside of tunnels, watch out!
  • Enemies will now spawn at night, seek shelter!
  • Added basic RPG elements allowing the player to get better at crafting over time

Changes and Improvements[]

  • Fort defence has seen significant redesign and balance updates
  • Improved procedural terrain
    • Visual improvements to textures
    • Performance increase
  • Pallets have been removed
    • Acquired resources are now stored in your inventory (up to a maximum amount)
  • Improved ShockTree engine
    • Performance increase
    • More intelligent placement
    • Better transitions between LoDs
    • Thicker, more varied forests
    • Added grass/bushes/brush
    • Trees sway when hit
    • Trees can be chopped down
  • New VAT graphics/design.
  • Tooltips have been added to the crafting screen
  • Tutorials are now displayed for basic controls
  • Added a loading screen for while critical content is being generated
  • Changed how blueprints work
    • Player no longer starts with all blueprints available
    • Each game mode has a different selection of blueprints that are available
    • Player can unlock blueprints during game play
    • Added custom tile set blocks (ramps + stairs)
  • Added a beam of light to the vat so the player can find home again
  • Players can now specify what port is being used in multiplayer (Thank you for pointing this out FritzBox users! <3)
  • Adjusted player chat colors
  • Adjusted rendering
    • Ambient occlusion
    • Global fog
  • Reduced logging, as it affects performance significantly
  • Several significant internal improvements, giving performance increase

Bug Fixes[]

  • Character will no longer fall through the terrain on start up
  • Fixed some strange behaviour with the skybox
  • Saving now works for all properties of power components
  • Various other bug fixes

Control Changes[]

Some default actions/keys have been changed, they are as follows:

  • E - Interact/Use
  • Q - Pick up/lift an object in front of you.
  • Hold Right Mouse Button (RMB) - Pick up an item on the ground, and place it in your inventory.

These keybinds are temporary, and subject to change. We will let you know if we do.

Known Issues[]

  • When quitting a game to start a new one, please Quit and Exit the game completely and restart it, because simply quitting to the title screen and starting a game will cause the terrain to act strangely. This is a high priority issue, and will be patched next week.
  • Sometimes "synced" saved characters can come out of sync, especially when the player is not the server. This can cause many "local" saved characters to accumulate. Recommended workaround is to always load the server version, as it will always work, however the "local" characters will still accumulate.
  • Multiplayer has seen significant regression in many ways. While it can be played, it may not be the best experience for those who are not hosting the game. This will be improved over upcoming patches.


Version 0.5.0a[]

Forum Changelog


  • Terrain change saving is now editable upon reload
  • Depth required to find iron and oil have been reduced
  • Hovercraft behaviour has been improved
  • Weapon state is reset upon switching weapons
  • Leech spawning in Survival has been tweaked
  • The bed is now usable earlier in the day
  • Setting the graphical quality on the launch screen now adjusts graphical quality in game
  • Player now gets previously unlocked blueprints when joining fort defence games
  • Assorted improvements to multiplayer performance
  • Other assorted performance improvements
  • Miscellaneous small bug fixes

Unlisted Changes[]

  • Altimeter added to HUD that displays when Penetrator is equipped.
  • Resource cost of vehicles changed