Here is a list of compiled upcoming features that are yet to be added to the game.This list is built using information gathered from trailers, the Starforge Twitter feed as well as the development blog and maybe be subject to change.

Content Related FeaturesEdit

-Infinite voxel world (with a generation seed included. A prototype of voxel terrain is available in the latest version of StarForge, single player only).

-A variety of enemies (possibly leech variants) which include flying and burrowing enemies.  Color coded leech varients are in development, as well as a flying eyeball enemy.

-Ground to space travel

-Fort Wars game mode, in which opposing teams of humans battle to destroy each others forts and respawn vats.

-Survival game mode in which players must collect and craft all their weapons, equipment and building materials.

-Trains and other vehicles used to transport materials and players between bases in survival mode

-Vehicles, including a jeep and aircraft

-Some kind of tether/grapple gun

-Craft-able weapons, using the in-game random weapon generation technology

-Mineable materials

-Building mechanics that focus on tension and stress, allowing more attention to weights and gravity when building.

-RPG elements such as leveling systems and skills.

-More playable characters (or possibly the removal of characters in order to encourage greater free-form play)

-More block tilesets

-Dynamic ecosystem

-Water and lava physics

-Gravity affected building blocks, unsupported blocks will fall.

-Traps and mechanical parts will need to be powered, using lasers and radiation fields as circuit components.

-Digging and the ability to manipulate the terrain. This is was present in a previous build but has since been removed. It has been confirmed that it will be added back at a later date.

Of course very little of this turned out to be true. You you think that the creators of this game would update the Wiki.

Bug Fixes, Optimizations and Technical FeaturesEdit

-Reduced loading times.

-Better optimisation of the game engine.

-Better optimisation of the physics engine.

-Saveable maps.  Saving is currently finished, but is only included in Single Player as of update 0.4.6.

-Greater overall stability

-Dedicated server software, for hosting multi-player games.