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The Trailer

The trailer ( also known as a pallet hauler) is a vehicle that can be attached to the back of the Buggy or APC in order to transport Resources. Resource pallets can be placed in the bed of the trailer. The Light Hovercraft can also be parked in the trailer. 

It costs 50 Metal to forge .

Damage and DeformationEdit

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The trailer with dented sides

The trailer is currently the only vehicle that will deform when damaged, whether it is attacked by a leech, crashed into trees, or hit by a player wielding a resource pallet. The sides of the trailer will become dented and misshapen, as seen in the picture. 

Attaching and DetachingEdit

The trailer can be attached as of Build 0.4.6 by backing the buggy into the front of the trailer. The linkage can be glitchy, and placing too many resource pallets into the trailer may cause it to seperate from the vehicle that is pulling it.

To detach the trailer, press the Left-Shift key (default binding) and drive away from the trailer; otherwise the trailer will re-attach itself to the vehicle.Shit

Using a Trailer-0

Using a Trailer-0