Tiles make up the fundamental functions in Starforge, as they are required in order to be able to build a fort, which in modes such as Fort Defense is essential. The tiles use a unique way of blending together, making them the first  3D tileset ever. This means that structures look more realistic and smooth together easier.

Dirt BlockEdit


All currently available tiles.

A basic block made of hardened dirt. (Building Tier 1)

Wood BlockEdit

Watch your step, I think a nail is sticking out... Crafting: 1 Wood (Building Tier 1)

Iron BlockEdit

Don't let it rust in the rain, and you can be a virtual ironclad! Crafting: 5 Iron Ore

Cement BlockEdit

Rock solid stones sealed together with mortar. Crafting: 5 Stone (Building Tier 3)

Sturdy LumberEdit

Pressure-treated, arsenic-coated goodness! Crafting: 3 Wood (Building Tier 2)

Wooden MansionEdit

Complete with fancy corner trim! (Crafting) 1 Wood (removed from game as of 0.7.51)

Other BlocksEdit

In addition to most of the blocks listed above, the following blocks were added to the game by 0.7.51:

  • Clay Block. Tier 2 Building Block, req. 3 Clay to craft
  • Steel Block. Tier 2 Anti-Breaching Material, req. 5 Steel and a Forging Terminal to create
  • Titanium Block. Tier 3 Anti-Breaching Material, req. 5 Titanium Ore and a Forging Terminal to create
  • Graphene Block. Tier 4 Anti-Breaching Material, req. 5 Graphene and a Forging Terminal to create.
  • Monolithium Block. Tier 5 Anti-Breaching Material, req. 5 Monolithium and a Forging Terminal to create