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StarForge trading cards were added to Steam on July 20, 2013. There are eight in the set each featuring a piece of concept art.

They can be acquired as random drops received while playing the game. Owners of the game receive a maximum of four drops, following which they have a chance of receiving a booster pack.


Card Spelunking.png Card The Vat.png Card Alien Lifeforms.png Card Transport.png
Concept Art Concept Art Concept Art
Card The Slammer Turret.png Card The Laser Turret.png Card The Rocket Launcher.png Card Atlas.png
Concept Art Concept Art Concept Art Concept Art


Icon rotten-wood block.png Icon basic-wood block.png Icon fancy-wood block.png Icon stone block.png Icon metal block.png Symbol missing.png
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level Foil
Shack House Mansion Castle Fortress Loaded