In StarForge, resources are used for crafting all the items in the game. While the player has infinite resources in Creative Mode, resources must be manually gathered by mining and harvesting in Survival Mode.

Formerly, all resources would periodically drop out of the sky in Creative and Fort Defense modes.


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Wood is used in the most basic building recipes. As of 0.7.5 it is possible to cut down trees with a Drill or Chainsaw. When a tree segment is collected from enough it will break and the tree will fall over. The game physics will act on the fallen tree causing it to roll on sloped surfaces or if a player runs into it, although thanks to Version 0.7.51, these physics have been greatly inhibited.

You will receive 1 wood for every 3 uses of the Drill, and harvest wood faster with the Chainsaw. To read more about wood, click here.



A Stone drop from the sky

Its sole use is building material that the players may use to create Cement building materials, including Blocks, Stairs, and Ramps. Doors cannot be built out of Concrete as of 0.7.51. Stone appears randomly and almost ubiquitously in StarForge, and like Dirt, has a different texture for its different biomes. Cement blocks, which are composed of Stone, are a tier 3 building material. While they are not rated as anti-breaching materials, they are very resistant to damage such as gunfire and tools. A page dedicated to Stone and Cement is coming soon.




Used in machines, traps, turrets, and other devices, metal is one of the more valuable resources in the game. It comes in many, many forms, from familiar materials such as iron ore, steel, and titanium, to newer, exotic compounds such as graphene and monolithium. Basic metals can be forged directly from ores, but more advanced metals will require more normal ores to be combined with ores unique to Atlas, such as Garrison Ore, and most have an ingot form via the Smelter. More information on the different metals will be added soon.


Used in a lot of machines, traps, turrets, and devices. It spawns very deep down (below 1000), commonly in caves. Like other resources, oil can be found in large, mesa-shaped deposits slightly above the surface and in easy reach of the player. More information on oil's uses will be added soon.