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Vehicles were added to StarForge in update version 0.3.6. A form of transportation for the player, they can also function as a resource transport and combat asset. There are currently two types of vehicles available in StarForge: Wheeled and Hovercraft.

Once crafted, then placed in the world a vehicle can not be picked back up.

Vehicles have health and can be destroyed. They can take damage from physical impacts, as well as, weapons.

The default key used to enter and exit a vehicle is the 'E' key.

Wheeled[ | ]

Name Icon Brief Description
Buggy BuggyIcon The buggy was the first vehicle added to StarForge.
Trailer Symbol missing The Trailer is an attachable vehicle that can connect to wheeled vehicles to transport resources, among other things.

Hovership[ | ]

Name Icon Brief Description
Hovership Basic HovershipBasicIcon The Hovership Basic is a very weak and slow vehicle. It is, however, mounted with a rocket battery.
Hovership Single HovershipSingleIcon The Hovership Single is somewhat faster than the Hovership Basic, and mounted with a large laser cannon.
Hovership Double HovershipDoubleIcon Same as above though with an additional seat.
Hovership Speedy HovershipSpeedyIcon The Hovership Speedy is the fastest hovercraft available, and is mounted with a large cannon.

Air[ | ]

Name Icon Brief Description
Space Copter Space copter The Space Copter is a good exploration helicopter. However it has only one pilot seat.

Unreleased[ | ]

The following vehicles have been confirmed, but have yet to be added to StarForge.