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thar are cummently only two kinds of turets in the gayme, tose beeing Ranged and Melee turrets. evry turrets reqire power to fun.

Ranged[ | ]

Lasssssssssssser Turret[ | ]

Icon laserturret Main Article: Laser Turret

this thing heats things up, got it heats thingies up.

the Roc Turret[ | ]

Icon rocketturret Main Article: Rocket Turret

this thing rocks things up, yeah it rocks you up.

Melee[ | ]

slam me ut[ | ]

Icon slammer Main Article: Slammer Turret

this now, oh boi, this be looking kinda slamy right now.

no maidens?[ | ]

Icon lshapeslammer Main Article: L-Slammer Turret

man, my dick is bigger than this fucking bullshit.

"a visable enmey right there" for short lets call it "da VERT"[ | ]

Icon slammer Main Article: Vertical Slammer Turret

it do be spining tho.