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Resources are common materials or ingots used in the construction of new items through crafting. Raw resources can be gathered by mining or harvesting them from the world, while crafted ones are alloys that have to be crafted. Processed resources like ingots or powders have to be smelted or refined.

Only 500 of each resource can be held by the player at once. However, Storage Crates are able to store larger quantities.

There are presently 20 types of raw resources, 5 alloys and 8 Ingots or powders in the game:

RAW RESOURCE Icon Brief Description
Wood WoodIcon Currently only used for low-tier building blocks and doors. Harvestable and Mineable T1+
Stone Stone Cheap resource currently only used to build Cement Blocks. Mineable T1+
Oil OilIcon Essential resource used in various things such as alloys. Mineable T1+
Sand Sand Used for various Light-sources and the Forging Terminal. Mineable T1+
Dirt Dirt Only used for the dirt block and very cheap. Mineable T1+
Iron Ore IronOre One of the first ores to be gathered, used to craft a Smeltery and low-end guns. Smeltable. Mineable T1+
Clay ClayIcon Used to build the clay block and Breach Devices. Mineable T1+
Gravel File:GravelIcon.png Useless so far. Mineable T1+
Sandstone SandstoneIcon Resource used for various Tools and Throwables. Mineable T1+
Titanium Ore TitaniumOreIcon Ore that is used for the Titanium Drill when smelted. Smeltable. Mineable T1+
Obsidian Ore ObsidianOreIcon Ore that is used for various Tools and Throwables when smelted. Refineable. Mineable T1+
Sulphur SulphurIcon Essential resource used for light-sources and ammunition. Mineable T1+
Voltronic Ore VoltronicOreIcon Essential ore very often used for various electronics and Tools. Mineable T2+
Saltex Ore SaltexOreIcon Only used as powder for High-Tier Items. Refineable. Mineable T2+
Garrison Ore GarrisonIcon Normally used in High-Tier alloys. Mineable T2+
Crystalis Ore CrystalisOreIcon Only used as powder for High-Tier Items and the Monolthium Drill. Mineable T3+
Dark Matter Shale DarkMatterShaleIcon Only used as powder in High-Tier alloys. Refineable. Mineable T3+
Water WaterIcon Essential resource used to forge Health Injections found as solid snow. Mineable T1+

CRAFTED Icon Brief Description
Steel SteelIcon Essential resource used for a.o. weapons and building blocks when smelted. No Forging Terminal needed. Smeltable
Graphene GrapheneIcon Essential resource used for a.o. Vehicles and Turrets when smelted. No Forging Terminal needed. Smeltable
Monolithium MonolithiumIcon Essential resource used for various items, a.o. Monolithium Drill, when smelted. No Forging Terminal needed. Smeltable
Dark Sulphur DarkSulphurIcon Resource used for various items. Forging Terminal needed.
Antimatter AntimatterIcon Essential and valuable resource used for various High-Tier items. Forging Terminal needed.

Version History[ | ]


  • Pallet system removed

Trivia[ | ]

  • Prior to Version 0.5 resources were held in pallets. Pallets held a maximum of 100 units of their type of resource. Each pallet had several different models reflecting the amount of resources remaining. Once all resources stored in a pallet are consumed the pallet would disappear.