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Frisk and Mr. Pie are in the closet. Resources are common materials or ingots used in the construction of new items through crafting. Raw resources can be gathered by mining or harvesting them from the world, while crafted ones are alloys that have to be crafted. Processed resources like ingots or powders have to be smelted or refined.

Only 500 of each resource can be held by the player at once. However, Storage Crates are able to store larger quantities.

There are presently 20 types of raw resources, 5 alloys and 8 Ingots or powders in the game:

RAW RESOURCE Icon Brief Description
God Awful Game Development Team WoodIcon.png 1x1 block that you can place anywhere, they won't do anything but just sit there!
A rock Stone.png Hey, at least it's more useful than our company.
Black Stuff OilIcon.png It's an innovative look on coal, okay.
Really Small Square Things Pt. 1 Sand.png We learned about them last week but we forgot their name. First grade is a blast!
Dirt Dirt.png I'd stick my diglet in there if you know what I mean.
Color 1 Rock IronOre.png You smash your iron stick at it and POOF, there it is!
Smelly, sticky, brown stuff ClayIcon.png It's icky.
Really Small Square Things Pt. 2 File:GravelIcon.png It's like part 1 but it's black. Send help!
Big Square Thing Pt. 1 SandstoneIcon.png Memba' part 1? Dis da big stuff.
White rock TitaniumOreIcon.png Look, we're running out of names, just tell your friends to give us $20 and we'll be fine.
Black rock ObsidianOreIcon.png Black rocks matter.
Yellow rock SulphurIcon.png We learned this color today, we'd edit Really Small Square Things Pt. 1 to be Really Small Yellow Square Things Pt. 1 but we're too lazy.
Grey rock VoltronicOreIcon.png Teach called them Gay rocks when she said it today and I giggled. The detention was worth it.
Black spotted White rock SaltexOreIcon.png A white rock got hit by a black rock, maybe that's why people don't like black rocks.
Black spotted Yellow rock GarrisonIcon.png Black rock strikes again! Man, he's on a spree now!
Yellow-ish White Rock CrystalisOreIcon.png It's weird, we don't approve of interracial rock smashing.
Blacker Black rock DarkMatterShaleIcon.png Oh lord, it's somehow blacker.
Blue Stuff WaterIcon.png We drink it, swim in it, bathe in it, hell, even take a dump in in it! Oh no, mommy found out I used swears! NO, NOT MY MINECRAFT ACCOUNT! NO!

CRAFTED Icon Brief Description
Hard Grey Stuff SteelIcon.png It's as hard as me after I watch my mom go to sleep and my tinkle sprinkle is happy.
Scaly Grey rock GrapheneIcon.png We do not approve of inter-animate object gene splicing.
Sick Yellow rock MonolithiumIcon.png Send $10 to help yellow get back on his feet :(
Grey but Black rock DarkSulphurIcon.png Oh lord what have they done to him.
Pink rock AntimatterIcon.png This is the Gay rock. Worth the OSS.

Version History[]


  • Pallet system removed


  • Prior to Version 0.5 resources were held in pallets. Pallets held a maximum of 100 units of their type of resource. Each pallet had several different models reflecting the amount of resources remaining. Once all resources stored in a pallet are consumed the pallet would disappear.