StarForge Wiki

StarForge includes four default gamemodes, two of which are not currently available. Some modes are only available in either Singleplayer or Multiplayer.

Name Emblem Brief Description Singleplayer Multiplayer
Creative Emblem mode creative In this gamemode, you are free to build without the looming threat of the Leeches. Yes Yes
Fort Defense Emblem mode fort defense This gamemode consists of you defending your Respawn Vat from the hostile Leech. Random weapon boxes and resources will spawn a distance away from the Vat. The mode starts with a 2 minute and 30 seconds, this is that time before the fist wave arrives. The wave ends when the last Leech is killed, starting a 30 second timer. This is when the next wave launches. Yes Yes
Fort Wars Emblem mode fort wars In this gamemode, you defend your Respawn Vat from the opposing team, while at the same time trying to destroy their Vat.

This game mode has yet to be released.

No Yes
Survival Emblem mode survival in this gamemode you survive as long as possible by killing enimies, collecting resources and building home/fortress/THE MOST EPIC MANSION EVAR!!! Yes Yes