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This page lists the creatures that can be found on Atlas.

Hostile[ | ]

These creatures will attack the player on sight.

  • Leech
    • Leeches are the most common enemies on Atlas and also attacks passive creatures. It is the first creature ever in Starforge, the only creature that isn't directly made by the Code}{atch team [citation needed] and also the only one that uses procedurally movements like the player himself.
  • Seeker, also known as "Flying Eyeball"
    • These bat-like creatures are small hostile creatures that aid Leeches. They can be found near the crashed Spaceships, and they attack by shooting a laser-like beam from their pupils.
  • Jelly Puff
    • This species is reminiscent of spiders back on Earth, but with the ability to float like a jelly, and puff up and explode like a puffer fish. This creature is attracted by radiation and deadly in close range when it explodes. This combination makes it so extremely dangerous.
  • Prowler
    • This deadly enemy can be found in the desert, it is quite fast and can bite you. Its loot is extremely good, it can be really high-tier Blueprints that can be compared with these from the Spaceships, or even full armor pieces or weapons.

Passive[ | ]

These will only harm you when you come to near.

  • Belcher
    • This little creature explodes regularly when you come near, and is very toxic. But in comparison to the Jelly Puff he won't die on explode and can be found in the moon-like wasteland biome.

Harmless[ | ]

These creatures won't even attack when provoked.

  • Daperdillo
    • These harmless pig-like creatures, named after the "Armadillo", can provide the player with common loot. The Daperdillo has a better defense than the Wurmi and often drops ingots.
  • Wurmi
    • The Wurmi is the only known creature on Atlas that comes as males and females. Both are completely harmless and have nearly no defense, so they can provide new players with the usual loot easily.
  • Beedle
    • The Beedle is the fastest creature known on Atlas, it is hardly catchable with armor wearing. It drops a slightly different configuration of loot as other creatures.