The Jelly Puff is a aggressive creature found on Atlas that was implemented in 0.8

Main Edit


Jelly Puffs are deadly at close quarters, so be careful when wandering about the crashed ships. They seem to be attracted to the radiation, so the stronger the emissions, the more likely you'll run into one of these guys. They are able to float like a jelly, and puff up and explode like a puffer fish.

Biology Edit

Jelly Puffs have a dome shell with large spikes on the edges, 8 legs, 2 claws.

Gameplay Edit

Survival Edit

Will attack players on sight.

Spawn inside crashed ships. Be sure to check your corners when entering each room of a downed space ship. If one of these is hanging out that you didn't see you better hope you don't have anything valuable on your person. A point blank attack can kill a player in one hit.

Eploding with disputes when see a player nearby.

Special thanks to: Edit

DjUlt - Photo and material

Mr.Vovanxik - Idea