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The Medium Two Seat Hovercraft

This medium hovercraft has two seats, and is more expensive to forge than its single-seated brother. It is faster than the Hovership Basic, but slower than the Hovership Speedy. It has a forward driver's/pilot's seat, and an aft passenger seat. The hovercraft is propelled by two exhaust jets on the back of the craft.  

It is a good idea to be careful when exiting this hovercraft due to the height that the player is above the ground. 

The medium hovercraft has what appears to be a large laser cannon on the top, although it lacks functionality as of Build 0.46. As of Version 0.7.5, this laser was removed.

It takes 325 Steel Ingots, 160 Graphene Ingots, and a Forging Terminal to create the Hovership Double.