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Hacking Tool
Icon HackingTool.png
Basic Info
Craftable Type Tool
Resource Cost 5 Sand
5 Voltronic Ore
1 Graphene Ingot

The Hacking Tool allows players to access other players bases/chests/vehicles. Hacking requires Utility Ammo, the amount varies depending on what the object is. While hacking the object being hacked with gain red static around it and a progress bar will appear, the amount of time it takes to hack again depends on what the object is. After the item has been hacked it can then be accessed for 3 - 5 minutes. The Hacking Tool can either be found in random crates around the ship or crafted after obtaining the blueprint from various monsters/crates around the ship.

Hack-able Objects[]


Material Amount of ammo Time
Wood Door 1
Wood Garage Door 1
Iron Door 2
Iron Garage Door 2
Steel Door 3
Steel Garage Door 3


Material Amount of ammo Time
Wood Chest 1
Iron Chest 1
Steel Chest 1
Titanium Chest 1
Garrison Chest ???


Material Amount of ammo Time


Material Amount of ammo Time



Hacking Tool in first person.


Hacking Tool in progress.


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