The fragmentation grenade is a basic throwable explosive which can be crafted in StarForge using 4 steel ingots and 4 sulphur.


Crafting the frag grenade, while requiring little in the way of resources, does require a forging terminal. The materials required to craft a frag grenade are 4 units of raw sulphur and 4 steel ingots.

In-Game BehaviorEdit


The grenade is a slightly bouncy object, boasting some elasticity. It can sometimes bounce into unexpected places; be wary when throwing it.


After being thrown, the grenade will emit a beep-like sound about three times before the grenade will explode. The grenade's explosion itself disregards low-quality materials such as cement, clay, dirt, and wood, and is powerful enough to kill a full-health player in one hit at fifteen to twenty feet away, even with a Guardian armor set. However the grenade's damage quickly falls off over distance, as at thirty or forty feet the player will not be affected by the explosion.

The explosion spawns several smoke trails which fly into the air before eventually falling and disappearing after a number of seconds; these trails are purely aesthetic and while a strong indicator of where an explosion has taken place, do not appear to actually affect anything in the environment.