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Fort Defense is a game mode in which players must defend the Vat from endless waves of Leeches.

It presently unavailable in the current build (v0.7.5).

Fort Defense can be played in both singleplayer and multiplayer.


The mode begins with a warm up period of 2 minute and 30 second. During this time players should collect resources, construct a fort and place defenses.

Once the warm up period has ended the first wave of enemies will attack.

Once all enemies in a wave have been killed, there will be a 30 count down to the next wave. Players should take this time to repair their fort and collect weapons.

Each wave will get progressively harder, featuring greater numbers of enemies and tougher enemies.

Player death comes without penalty, players will respawn after a few seconds. However it leaves the Fort more vulnerable with the absence of a defender.

Players loose if the Vat gets destroyed.

Crates containing a procedurally generated weapon and resources will spawn randomly around the map.

When the match ends a pop-up presenting match statistic will be displayed.

  • Waves Survived
  • Time Survived
  • Aliens Killed
  • Score
  • Rank

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