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The Respawn Vat in Fort Defense mode.

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A Leech attacking the Respawn Vat in Fort Defense

Fort Defense is a currently released Single- and Multi-Player gamemode in StarForge. The goal of the gamemode is to build a fort to defend your Respawn Vat from waves of attacking Leeches.


The player can either choose to start a single-player or multi-player Fort Defense mode when playing StarForge. Once the game has started, the player(s) will have 2:30 to create their initial defenses from the first groups of resource pallets and Weapon Cases that drop. 


Once the Setup Time has completed, the first wave of Leeches will appear on the outskirts of the desert surrounding the base. Once the wave has been defeated, another timer will count down from 0:25 until the next wave. This short amount of time ensures that cooperation between players is essential to the survival of the Vat.


As the waves progress, the distance that resources and Weapon Cases drop from the Vat increases, making resource runs time-consuming and requiring the Vat to be either left undefended or working as a team with some going for resources while others defend the base.


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8 defensive turrets attempt to fire at an airborne Leech while causing immense amounts of lag in the process.

Currently, once the game becomes filled with AI, the game will lag while the AI is active, and return to normal FPS once the AI finishes their routines. This willl most likely be fixed in a later update.

Demonstration VideoEdit

Fort Defense Demo Video

Fort Defense Demo Video