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Forging Terminal
Forging Panel
Basic Info
Type Utility
Resource Cost 25 Sand, 20 Steel Ingot

The Forging Terminal allows players to craft items. Crafting items requires you to process resources you have gathered from the world, mined or harvested, be within the Forging Terminal's radius, and have the necessary Blueprints to do so. The Forging Terminal does not require power to function.

Forging[ | ]

To forge an item, a player must be within a Forging Terminal's forging radius. Hit "Tab" or "I" to bring up your inventory. Select the item which you want to forge by left-clicking it. An infobox will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to indicate how many resources are required for a single item, and via this infobox you can set the quantity of the item(s) you would like to produce. The number of produced items can be changed by typing a number in the box or by clicking the plus or minus buttons. You will need to be carrying the resources inside your inventory in order for them to count towards crafting. When you're ready, hit the "Forge" button and the forging will begin. Some forging happens in seconds, but other forging can take several minutes. While the forging is in progress, you are free to hit "Tab" or "I" to close the forging window and inventory and do whatever you like. Keep in mind, though, that you cannot leave the Forging Terminal's forging radius. If you do, the forging will immediately be canceled. Forging does not give you items as the forging progresses; rather, it gives you all the forged items and subtracts all the necessary resources after the forging is complete. So if the forging session is interrupted for any reason, the player will not gain or lose anything except whatever time has elapsed since the start of the forging session.

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Screenshot of Forging Terminal Screenshot preview of the new forging menu
Forging Panel Screenshot New Forging Menu Preview

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