2013-07-24 00012

The Respawn Vat in Creative Mode.

Creative is a currently released game mode in StarForge. Unlike Fort Defense and Fort Wars, there are no predefined goals in Creative.


As of Patch 0.4.6 trees are only harvestable in creative mode.

As of Patch v0.5a, trees are harvested with a chainsaw weapon.

As of Patch V0.7.5, trees can be harvested in Survival mode.

Read the main article which discusses trees here


In creative mode, the player spawns with infinite quantities of literally everything. This includes weapons and ammunition, as well as crafted, smelted, and raw resources, and tiles and blocks. "Everything" is an all-inclusive term. The player is also free to use those resources as the player wishes.


2013-07-24 00007

A Female Wurmi in Creative Mode

While Wurmis could spawn in Creative mode in previous versions, as of 0.7.5 they can only spawn in Survival mode.