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The Common Tileset is currently the only available 3D Tileset in StarForge.

It contains 16 tiles that are listed below. Some of these tiles were used as the symbol for the Steam badges.

Blocks in red are currently not available. Blocks in yellow-green are building materials and can be destroyed with a tool. Blocks in blue are anti-breaching materials and will only be destroyed with a breaching charge of some type. Blocks in grees are for Founder's Club Member only.

Image Name Cost Strength Note
Creaky Boards Wood Block 1 Wood Tier 1 Building Material A very frail material, can be easily damaged by weapons, tools and local fauna
Dirt Dirt Block 1 Dirt Tier 1 Building Material
Sturdy Lumber Fortified Wood Block 1 Wood Tier 2 Building Material More durable then a standard wood block though still breakable by weapons, tools and critters
Clay Block Clay Block 1 Clay Tier 2 Building Material
Concrete Cement Block 1 Stone Tier 3 Building Material Very tough block, taking round about a minuet of drilling or weapons fire to destroy
Metal Iron Block 1 Iron Ore Tier 1 Anti-Breaching Material Weapons and tools have no meaningful effect on this block.
Steel Steel Block 1 Steel Tier 2 Anti-Breaching Material
Titanium Titanium Block 1 Titanium Ore Tier 3 Anti-Breaching Material
Graphene Graphene Block 1 Graphene Tier 4 Anti-Breaching Material
Monolithium Monolithium Block 1 Monolithium Tier 5 Anti-Breaching Material
Autumn Leaves Block Autumn Leaves Block 1 Wood Tier 1 Only for Founders Club Member.
Tree Fort Block Tree Fort Block 1 Wood Tier 2 Only for Founders Club Member.
Spaceship Hull Spaceship Hull Unknown Unknown Only for Founders Club Member. Not implemented yet.
Alien Hull Alien Hull Unknown Unknown Taken out of game, design used for Monolithium Block
Fancy Wood Block Fancy Wood Block Unknown Unknown Taken out of game.
Stone Block Stone Block Unknown Unknown Taken out of game.


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