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Physical Characteristics
Equatorial Radius 6584km
Surface Gravity 0.9468g
Mass 1.00707 Earths
  • 76.68% nitrogen (N2)
  • 21.25% oxygen (O2)
  • 1.04% argon (Ar)
  • 0.023% carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • ~1% water vapor (depends on climate)
  • ~.001% unknown

Atlas is the planet StarForge is set on.

Atlas is on the edge of the Orion Star Cluster. Its orbit in the life bearing zone of its sun and Earth-like gravity and atmosphere made it a prime candidate for colonization. Atlas has one moon, which seems to have collided with a very large object during the near past. This impact sheared off large chunks and hurtled many pieces into unstable orbits around Atlas that are still hitting the planet. The orbit of the moon itself requires closer long-term observation. Among the fauna of Atlas are several numerous and highly viscous species. The Leech is most common and seems to come in many different forms; this highly territorial creature often builds underground homes that seem to be most concentrated around high density mineral and metal deposits. Little more is known. The planet seemingly being untouched by resource gathering and one thousand years of resources from Earth yet arriving provide all necessary materials for rebuilding civilization. The resources that the moon's sheared-off pieces constantly deposit require further study; landed pieces helping to create near-surface mineral and metal deposits. These will be easy to access provided you can get past the creatures that congregate near them.



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